Saturday, July 11, 2009

Help Children Develop Inner Success

Dear Community,

Parents often tell me they want their kids to be successful. Successful and happy. What does success mean? Of course, for each of us it's different. Some people value outward signs of success for their children, such as good grades, lots of friends, and being a super athlete. Yet as we delve deeper, parents share they really want to help their children develop inner success... the peace, confidence, and self-love that gives them the foundation to develop positive goals in life... and the tools to carry them out.

My new therapeutic relaxation CD, Climbing a Mountain of Success, is designed to be one of those tools. It uses the metaphor of climbing a mountain to represent life's journey, meeting a wise animal friend as an inner support guide offering gifts to reach goals, and embracing the best parts of oneself bringing it all together.

I invite you to listen to a sample at:
and hope you share Climbing a Mountain of Success CD with all the kids in your life (ages 5 to 105).


Dr. Charlotte

Charlotte Reznick Ph.D, author of the forthcoming book, The Power of Your Child's Imagination: How to Transform Stress and Anxiety into Joy and Success (Perigee/Penguin USA, August 4th, 2009), specializes in helping children and adolescents develop the emotional skills necessary for a happy and successful life. She is a licensed educational psychologist and Associate Clinical Professor of Psychology at UCLA. Dr. Charlotte is the creator of Imagery For Kids: Breakthrough for Learning, Creativity, and Empowerment and is the author/producer of the therapeutic CDs "Discovering Your Special Place," "Creating a Magical Garden and Healing Pond," and "Climbing a Mountain of Success." An international workshop leader on the healing power of children's imagination, she maintains a private practice in Los Angeles, California. For more information about her articles, CDs, and speaking, visit or email


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Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

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Very Interesting!
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